Firm History


DiBenedetto & Associates, Ltd. was incorporated in 1980. The firm provided financial advice, investments, and insurance services. In 1982, Chuck moved the firm to Rockford and hired an assistant to manage daily office operations. The firm grew quickly and in 1998 the decision was made to go fee only and the firm registered with the SEC as an investment advisor. After some due diligence it was decided to use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as the custodian of our client’s assets. They were chosen due to their impeccable reputation, menu of investment vehicles, and huge investment in technology.

In 1998, Alex J. DiBenedetto joined the expanding firm to assist with SEC compliance issues and raise the level of client service. Continued growth allowed for Jeffrey C. DiBenedetto to join the firm in 2002. Both Alex and Jeff started in the banking industry and joined the firm to assist Chuck with new client relationships and current client services.

Over the past 30 years, DiBenedetto and Associates, Ltd. has developed into a full-fledged financial planning firm providing a variety of services to over 225 clients. We exemplify the ideal small firm for their long-standing and potential future clients by supplying consistent and personal attention to the present and future goals of each and every client.